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2950 South University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210


We are an Anglican community within the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. All are welcome.

Christ Church Facilities

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Room Configuration Options

Most gathering spaces at Christ Church can be configured in many ways to facilitate your meeting, class, retreat or event. Some possibilities are:

Theater Style:

Chairs only with an aisle or aisles

Boardroom Seating:

Eight foot tables in a rectangular shape with chairs around the perimeter of the tables

Round table Seating:

Round tables with 6-8 or 4-5 chairs each


Chairs only arranged in a circle

Horseshoe seating:

Chairs in a U shape, from one to three rows

Comfortable or informal seating:

Couches,  coffee tables, etc. for groups of under 15 people


A/V Equipment Options

To ensure your communications are the most effective, many Christ Church meeting spaces come equipped with several kinds of audiovisual equipment depending on your needs and room configuration.

  • TV/Blu Ray
  • Projector/Screen
  • Podium & microphone
  • CD Player
  • Music Stand
  • Soundboard
  • Whiteboard
  • Easel with Paper Pad
  • Wi-Fi


Please contact Don Thornton at 303.758.3674 or email him with questions or to book rooms.