An intentional pathway to Christian Maturity

Christ Church produces disciples who are:

  • Personally committed followers of Jesus Christ 
  • Knowledgeable about the Bible and committed to living in consistency with its teachings
  • Engaged in personal Christian disciplines
  • Able to share the Gospel and provide a reasonable defense of the faith
  • Actively participating in worship and the mission of Christ Church

Christian Education     Personal & Family      Travel Education


Christian Education

Christian Education supports all teaching and learning endeavors in Christ Church including Sunday morning classes for all ages and mid-week Bible Studies and prayer groups.

Personal & family Formation

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Travel Education

Christian Education Travel is a new function added in 2018. In association with Connoisseurs Tours, we will host travel opportunities on a three-year rotation, which includes 1) A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Biblical Jordan,  2) Paul’s travels in Greece and Rome, and 3) A visit to England – tracing our Anglican roots.