Fellowship At Christ Church

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Sister 2 Sister

Events and activities are offered throughout the year to bring women (ages 18 and up) together to connect in fellowship, friendship, and faith.  Sister 2 Sister is Christian-faith based and has an invitational culture; we encourage women to invite their friends and family to the events and activities.  Events and activities will be posted in the Good News and the church bulletins.

Contact:Gina Barry   gbarry32@aol.com   303.837.8447

Weekend Away

The Weekend Away is an annual all-church weekend retreat. Participants come together for teaching, fellowship and fun in the mountains.  This is a great event to get to know the Christ Church Community on a deeper level.

Contact:Michele Pierson   michele@piersonmanor.com   303.903.2678

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Pictorial Directory

The pictorial directory is updated yearly and designed so we can have photos of our church family as well as contact information.  

Contact: Beverly Fish   ronbevfish@comcast.net   303.847.6139


The library provides books on a variety of topics—everything from church history to coping with loss—and it even has a children’s section! The library also serves as a small meeting place.

Contact: Gail Evans   gailevansdenver@gmail.com   303.758.2231




Receptions puts on events in the church.  These events include, but are not limited to, funerals, church-wide barbecues, and welcome receptions.

Contact: Debbie Tarvin   ddtarvin@aol.com   303.757.6053

New Member Ministry

The New Member Ministry exists to educate new faces at Christ Church on what we are all about!  This ministry offers the Belonging Class and Inquirer’s Class.  The New Member Ministry is aiming for transformation of the community built on people who are committed to each other.

Contact: Schuyler Totman    schuylert@yahoo.com    303.722.8774

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