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The Gathering is coming January 26th thru 28th. We are expanding the scope of the Gathering for 2018 because we have a dynamic and powerful speaker, Russ Parker, who will be leading our time together. Russ is an international speaker, author and priest of the church from England.

The Theme for the weekend is “A new Beginning” for Christ Church and for each of us. Christ Church is on the cusp of taking off and flourishing in ways it hasn’t since the 1990’s. But in order for that to happen fully we need to ask God to heal us of our past wounds. The healing of the past for both Church and people is imperative to moving forward into God’s desire for us and His Church.  Russ will lead us through our past to our present and help us see the future which God has in store for Christ Church and His people. Have a look at this video to see what Russ is all about.

The schedule for the weekend goes as follows:

Friday January 26th  “Leadership Summit”

7pm-9pm (childcare available)

The leaders of the church, Vestry, Staff, Ministry Leadership Team and ministry leaders, are invited to an evening with Russ where he will prepare us for the weekend unfolding. He will offer teaching on healing church wounds and why it is important if the church is going to move forward and flourish in the way God wants it to go. The leaders of the church will pray together for God’s anointing and blessing on us all as we share the weekend.

January 27th  Parish-wide “An Encounter of Healing and Celebration” 9am-2:30pm (childcare available)

9:00 am  Session 1

We will begin at 9am with music and worship and proceed with teaching on “Why does Jesus speak to His churches?” using Revelation 2 and 3 as the basis of the teaching. Jesus does want His churches to know that He is fully aware of our deeds and stories. He wants to heal that which needs healing and celebrate what needs to be celebrated. Together we will discover what about our past and common life needs healing. We will also rediscover our gifting as a church and celebrate what that could mean for our future together.

10:00 am 30 minute break

10:30 am Small Group Breakout session

In Barnes Hall and the West Room we will engage in small group discussion uncovering our main stories as a community and the issues on the heart of the church.

11:15 am Session 2

Groups will report on their main findings from their discussion. Russ will teach upon the call of churches to confront our fallenness and failures. Russ will guide us in taking ownership of our issues, the good to celebrate and the bad to confess without accusation or looking for someone to attribute blame. 

12:00 pm Lunch

Christ Church will supply a healthy lunch for all participants and ample time to talk, share and get to know each other better and share our stories.

1:00 pm Session 3

Russ will teach on the subject of “Representational Confession” based in Scripture. This type of prayer is mentioned at least four times in the Bible in which group stories and issues of the community were owned and brought to God in confession. The outcome of these examples is healing and renewal. The session will end with a powerful time of prayer and worship putting “representational confession” to practice.

2:30 pm Dismissal

Sunday January 28th Parish-wide “A time of Blessing, Anointing and Renewal” 9am-11:30am (childcare and children’s ministry available)

Sunday morning will take the form of a single, united service of all the members of the church. The focus is on the way forward, through the blessing of our ministries, anointing for renewal for each person and their service to Jesus through His Church. Russ will be teaching on the “Ministry of Blessing” after which we will put what we learn to practice. Everyone will be invited to move around the church to locations of ministry to bestow God’s blessing upon that ministry. We will return to the Sanctuary for Communion, and following there will be an opportunity to receive an anointing for renewal and service.


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