The Church is a community bound with love, caring for the broken and building up the weak.

None of us can go at life alone. We all need people to believe in us, to see is through when we've given up on ourselves.  It's through community that we can call out the best in each other, cheering others on to reach their full potential. Sometimes that looks like running together, other times it's more like carrying each other. Life has its hills and its valleys, and so it is for the community of Christ. As we journey on together, we learn how to better build up and care for each other, so that every person is valued and believed-in, all of us working to fulfill God's purposes in our lives to the best of our ability.


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Stephen Ministry

Peer-to-Peer Pastoral Care at Christ Church. We hope that we can be of help to you as you journey forward.

Stephen Ministry is peer-to-peer care at Christ Church. We offer lay people trained through Stephen Ministries. Stephen Ministers walk alongside individuals that need support due to grief, divorce, spiritual crisis, chronic illness and more. Stephen Ministers provide weekly caring through a confidential relationship of acceptance and trust for as long as it takes to achieve balance in your life.  Watch the video to see what a care receiver has to say about Stephen Ministry.  If you want to know more about this ministry or connect with a Stephen Minister, contact us.


More information is coming soon