In association with Connoisseurs Tours, we will host a travel opportunity every year, on a three-year rotation.

1. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land & Biblical Jordan, 

2. Greece and Rome, following the growth of the Church.

3. England – tracing our Anglican roots.

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Your Invitation
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land & Biblical Jordan
With Father McGugan & Peter Walker
September 30 - October 12, 2018

Jesus said...Follow me. His disciples have followed him ever since. For over a thousand years disciples of Jesus have made pilgrimages to the Holy Land. What a privilege it is to walk where Jesus and his first disciples walked and to see what they saw. This September we will begin our pilgrimage to the Holy Land to be near Christ and the land of his birth, life and ministry and where his death and resurrection changed the world.

The Holy Land is called the "Fifth Gospel". This fifth gospel opens up and makes alive the other four gospels so that we may experience Christ and the Scriptures in a deeper way than ever before. This pilgrimage is one way to answer the call of Jesus and will change your life. Following Jesus always does...

We will spend our time where Jesus spent most of his time, in Galilee and Jerusalem. We have the privilege of making our pilgrimage with an expert, The Rev. Dr. Peter Walker, who is a New Testament professor, author and seasoned guide.

This is your invitation to follow Him.

In the joy of serving The Risen Christ,

Father McGugan

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