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During the month of September and the first week of October, 2017, we are trying out a new version of the bulletin. It is a narrow card that capitalizes on the use of the screen in the sanctuary. 

We are making a version of the prayer list and the expanded Happenings available at the Welcome Desk, and an old school digital version available here for download.

In undertaking this experiment, we are trying to reduce the amount of paper we use each month. The trial bulletin uses one quarter of the paper we normally print each week. We can also reduce the cost of our printing by eliminating color and only printing in black and white. We are trying to be good stewards of the Earth and of your money that you entrust with us to spend wisely doing ministry.

After this experiment is over, we will return to the old format bulletin while we look over the feedback and decide on how to proceed.

Tell us what you think! We need your input to help guide us in the direction we want to go in. Please take a quick moment to fill out the form below. If you offer criticism, please include suggestions if you have any.

Thank you for your time, your feedback is greatly appreciated!


New Bulletin Survey

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I like the new format
The Order of Service is easy to follow
The shorter Happenings section is better
I like the space to take notes
I miss the prayer list
I prefer the longer format of the Happenings
I am interested in using the Christ Church web page to access the prayer list and Happenings