We are an orthodox, evangelical, liturgical, sacramental, charismatic, expression of the Body of Christ.

What Does That Mean?

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Worship is the center of our being. It is the spring from which all things flow. Our Identity as humans, our purpose in the world, and our relationship with God and others are all formed and defined in worship. As we worship the Image Maker, we are made more into his image, to reflect God's love, power, and grace to the world. When we come together to worship as a community, we lean on and draw from the traditions of those who have gone before us. That is our rhythm, our liturgy. We are led by the liturgy to pray together, to read scripture, to confess our sins and receive forgiveness. Together we come to the table, sharing bread and wine as we understand it to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It is through worship that we are made to be more fully human and are transformed into the likeness of Christ. It is through worship that we remember what it is that binds us together and are sent out into the world as the loved and redeemed of God, inviting others into the story that God is writing in and through creation.


The great privilege of our lives is that we are invited to co-create with the God in establishing his kingdom of love and freedom on the earth. He calls us to a great mission: to live lives that set people free, restore the broken, and heal the sick. We do not go at it alone. Jesus promised that he would never leave us, and the his Spirit would literally live in us, giving us everything we need as we journey forward. At Christ Church, we rely on and pursue the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.



We believe that the Holy Scripture is the story of the people of God, in relationship with their creator and fulfilling his great purposes in the earth. The Bible records our history, clearly and beautifully revealing the heart of God. It defines our present, building our identity as Christians and constructing our world view. It sets our future, giving us our mission in the world and communicating the heart of God for all people.