We are a group of Christians “living life and faith together”. There are two ways to read that phrase. One, we are working individually to integrate our life; what we do, how we recreate, our relationships, with our faith so we are fully integrated followers of Jesus. Two, we are a community of followers of Jesus “living life and faith together” as a community; learning to love, listen, lean on each other and lean into the world. It is within authentic Christian community that we are formed and fashioned into God-bearers for each other and the world. So how do we do community life at Christ Church?

Fellowship          Prayer          Caring



As a community of faith we encourage and facilitate folks to make friendships with one another. Friendship is the beginning of community. We have to like hanging out with each other before authentic community can arise. The next step is going deeper in relationships by sharing our lives with each other, our struggles and challenges, our fears and hopes. This leads us to an even deeper level where we share our faith with each other. Faith grows in a place where people are in authentic community and authentic community happens when folks are safe to be open, vulnerable, giving. At Christ Church we encourage and facilitate such community by creating opportunities to connect, socially, in small groups and ministry groups. We all connect differently but the hope is everyone at Christ Church connects deeply.


Prayer is perhaps the most powerful way through which community is fostered within the life of the Church. When we say we are going to pray for someone, we mean it, because we believe interceding on behalf of another is a sacred trust and a divine privilege. Christ Church has teams of folks dedicated to pray with and for folks in need. We also encourage folks to stop whatever they are doing and pray for a person, if they voice a concern or a need. It is not enough to say “I’ll pray for you”. We seize those opportunities immediately and start praying. We consider each prayer a gift of grace for the person for whom we are praying. And what better way to offer that gift than in person. Also we believe that God loves us and cares about us; therefore He hears our prayers and will answer our prayers for His glory, in His time and for our edification.


We care about people. Therefore Christ Church offers a variety of ways through which we support, encourage and provide practical help to folks within our community who are in need. We believe caring for each other during times of crisis…health, marriage, financial, career, family, or relationship…is integral to being in authentic Christian community. We care for each other as if we were caring for Jesus.