Worship Ministries at Christ Church

We are a group of Christians “living life and faith together”. There are two ways to read that phrase. One, we are working individually to integrate our life; what we do, how we recreate, our relationships, with our faith so we are fully integrated followers of Jesus. Two, we are a community of followers of Jesus “living life and faith together” as a community; learning to love, listen, lean on each other and lean into the world. It is within authentic Christian community that we are formed and fashioned into God-bearers for each other and the world. So how do we do community life at Christ Church?


Liturgical Ministries



Acolytes are servants to the Clergy during the worship service, assisting in the preparation for Holy Communion, carrying the processional cross(es) and torches, assisting with the offering plates and seeing that the altar candles are lit at the proper times.

Contact: Charlie Green   chas613@estreet.com   303.814.0561 or Debbie Barents  baroates@comcast.net   720.296.0143 or Graham Kolb   grahamkolb@comcast.net   303.752.1496

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Ministers)

Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the Clergy with the distribution of the wine during Holy Communion at all Sunday and other special services.

Contact: Patty Husman   phusman@comcast.net   720.200.0159




Lectors are the lay readers of the Word at Sunday services. Given the importance of the Scriptures, Lectors are charged with proclaiming the Word clearly, purposefully, and respectfully.

Contact: Debbie Jonas    debarpaul@comcast.net    303.601.7294

Music Ministries

Music at Christ Church is comprised of an eclectic mix of styles: hymns and praise tunes, Anglican and American, gospel and pop, jazz and classical; everything ancient, modern, and in-between. Music plays a fundamental role in supporting a heartfelt and genuine worship experience. Ensembles supporting this include a choir, praise band, chamber ensemble, and two handbell choirs.

Contact: Dan Dufford    ddufford@christchurchdenver.org    312.758.0875 (Choir, Modern Music, Traditional Music)

Kim Moon    denvermoons@gmail.com    720.940.4009 (Handbell Choirs)

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Prayers of the People

One aspect of our corporate worship as Episcopalians is audible prayer led by a member of the congregation. Prayers either come from the Book of Common Prayer or are composed by designated individuals, both of which follow a prescribed outline.

Contact: Dennis Ridgley  dennisridgley@msn.com    303.906.5333


Vergers assist the Clergy to assure a seamless congregational worship experience. Vergers partner with Worship Ministry Leaders to address training, planning, and other issues specific to individual ministries.

Contact: Fran Berry    fberry@estreet.com    303.791.7420

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Support Liturgical Ministries

Altar Flower Ministry

This is a ministry to continue the millennia-old tradition of using God’s creations (flowers and greenery) and our God-given talents to decorate the church for worship.

Contact: Betsy Welty    rbwelty@hotmail.com    303.698.2011

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up the altar, maintaining the area behind the altar rail and side altar, also cleaning and maintaining all the Holy Items used during services including vessels, linens, candles and vestments worn by priests.

Contact: Allison Moore    hmsmokey@nilenet.com    303.601.3896 or Anne Ruybal    jazruybal@gmail.com    303.810.7740

Audio-Visual Technicians

AV Technicians operate the audio and service graphics for Sunday morning services.  Some technical skill is required and operators are fully trained by the heads of this ministry.

Contact: Adam Pierson    adam@piersonmanor.com    720.937.6909 or Michele Pierson    michele@piersonmanor.com    303.903.2678

Funeral Ministry

This is a ministry of welcome and support to bereaved family and friends who are attending a funeral at Christ Church. The funeral coordinators act as liaisons between the clergy and mortuary personnel and the family.

Contact: Lisa McFarland    lmcfarland@christchurchdenver.org    303.758.3674


Greeters are charged with welcoming parishioners, newcomers and visitors at the regular Sunday services. Volunteers answer questions regarding the events happening at Christ Church and help people find their way to classes and services.

Contact: Vee Henderson    stvee-2006@comcast.net    303.771.3071

Needlepoint Ministry

The kneelers throughout the Sanctuary as well as the cushions at the main altar are needlepointed by a dedicated group of Christ Church members reflecting the words and symbols of Christ.

Contact: Debbie Jonas    debarpaul@comcast.net    303.601.7294

Pew Workers

Volunteers help keep the Sanctuary clean and organized to make worship easier for everyone. They restock the racks on the backs of pews in the church with scratch pads, pencils, visitor cards, and giving envelopes.

Contact: Anne Ruybal    jazruybal@gmail.com    303.810.7740


Ushers greet people, answer questions, distribute bulletins, help with seating, take up the collection, and assist with Holy Communion by providing the Clergy with the count of persons present, bringing the gifts of bread and wine forward, and helping with the logistics of persons coming to the altar rail to receive Communion.

Contact: Terry Bright    webright@comcast.net    303.902.5874

Wedding Ministry

This team coordinates with all parties involved in the wedding to meet any special needs and to ensure that the ceremony itself runs as smoothly as possible. 

Contact:  Allison Howard  allisonhoward2016@gmail.com    303.217.3599